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Our Mission

Our mission is to dismantle the mis-education of what black and brown children have been taught about their identity to empower our youth to love themselves just the way they were created to encourage healthy mindsets for people to be in healthy relationships to build healthy families which helps build a healthy community through the arts, activism, community service and the word of God.



Our Impact

We reach middle school girls from grades 6-8, by creating safe spaces that they look forward to coming to, in order to discuss, lead, organize and be heard. Our program gives them the safe space to flesh out their thoughts, learn about their world and discover the ways in which they can put their passion into action to make a positive impact. Our girls unleash hidden talents, build confidence through student performances and class presentations, organize events, fundraise for trips and recognize character flaws to start the healing process to become a better person for themselves and to others around them.


Our Programs

Lady on Mission provides programs that are geared to the whole child. They understand the importance of having a true sense of self and what it means to know the intricacies of where you have come from in order to know where you want to go. Therefore, through Lady on a Mission’s programs, they make sure to provide several opportunities in the exploration of self to get a better sense of who they really are and what unique experiences they have took part in to get there.


Girls On A Mission curriculum

A life enrichment program for girls ages 10-15 years old.It can be used during school, after school or during the summer. Through this program you will see how these young girls become bold, credible and unapologetic leaders of the future.

King’s Daughters Worship Arts Camp

Designed to tap into the unique gifts of each child through the arts with a deep and clear understanding on how to use it to glorify God.

Lady on a Mission Workshop

A 3-day workshop demonstrating the LAOM way: games and lessons. Then participants reflect and share their own thoughts about the topics discussed, as well as, why they decided to be a Lady on a Mission ambassador.

BOOK SIginings & Talks

It is my passion to encourage everyone, young women especially, to love yourself regardless of what anyone else tells you and to be your BEST self by learning to TRULY LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!


“Girls On A Mission empowers me to build and show off my leadership skills. It’s also helped me set other goals for myself.”




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